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Holly Sheldon


Holly is an established fitness influencer with over 200k followers on Instagram and 35k subscribers on YouTube. She is highly engaged with her audience through her educational and personable content, where she everything she shares is backed by science, making her credible and trustworthy with her audience. A great foundation to start building your own brand and products. We worked with Holly to build a site where she could sell both her existing digital products and her newly produced research-based guide 'In Theory'. Holly was originally using Wix for her website and to sell her digital products. Although she had made some sales, she was looking at taking her brand to a new level by moving over to a specially designed social e-commerce platform, such as ours. We designed and developed a new website for Holly on the Launchwave e-commerce platform, where she could have a more professional and consistent brand, whilst providing her a secure place that she could sell her guides and take payments. Holly was able to offer launch promotions, take credit/debit and paypal payments and not have to worry about customer support as that was managed by us. Upon launch, Holly's guide quickly gained transaction and sales flooded in. The Launchwave platform handled thousands of users visiting the site at once and remained online, taking payments throughout the launch period. Make sure to go check out Holly's Instagram page.

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